Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees

Which, of course, is probably why such cliches become so common.

Today I had a typical home day.  The main difference for me was that I wasn’t skulling back millions of soft drinks.  Today the only thing I’ve had to drink is water.  Yay for me.  There were a couple specific times when I was craving a soda… but I resisted.  Giving in to the momentary want, at that moment at least, was not worth letting myself down.

I was hoping to make a start on the counts for ‘clear dining room table’ and ‘clean sink / bench’ from my 101 in 1001 list today too, but that will be another day alas.  I did, however, clean up the massive washing pile (a week’s worth of washing, of all natures…. kids clothes, nappies, my clothes, sheets and towels) from the couch and as of writing this have a completely clear and ready to be sat-on couch.  YAY me!  Now to maintain it!

So as I put my freshly folded clothes onto hangers and put them away, I was thinking that I hadn’t done anything productive today and that I really need to try to do better.   When it occurred to me that it’s a fallacy.

This morning, shortly after getting up, I noticed the toilet bowl was looking particularly bad, so I scrubbed it down and soaked it with the toilet bleach, followed by another scrubbing down.  (I’m happy to report it’s many times improved now!)  I went from there to put a load of towels in the washing machine, which later got hung out (where they overdried a bit and ended up cardboard stiff) and brought back in again, then folded.

Then today I took Zamara out to a toddler friendly park / playground – but we swung by her best friend Squishy’s house first, picked up Squishy, and all three of us went.  (K stayed home with Daddy.) We then got lunch, came home to eat it, and the girls played for another hour.  Zamara had long since passed her nap time then so she was reluctantly convinced to sleep, and I drove Squishy home.  So although it’s all fun and games…. entertaining an active 2.5 year old (or two of them!) must count for something!

I napped in the afternoon, but this evening I did a load of dishes, as well as folding mammoth clean washing pile forementioned.

Through the course of the day, I also collected and tidied all the toys from the lounge, and did a quiz whiz around (but by no means finished the job) tidying up toys in the girl’s room as well.

Then I did my load of delicate washing, which is now ready to be hung out in the morning.

Yet, as I was winding down, I was telling myself I hadn’t done anything today.

How are women meant to convince their hubbies that staying home to raise the kids is not “sitting around doing nothing”, if the women themselves don’t believe it?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees

  1. Geez, that list definitely does NOT qualify as doing nothing. And can we be totally honest here? If you don’t wash a single dish or fold a single towel, having two children under the age of 3 pretty much precludes sitting around and doing nothing all day.

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