Quick Recap of the past year

The problem with not blogging (more) regularly over the past year is that when it comes to do things like recap a year, I’m reliant only on my memory and what sort of things stand out.  Which, considering I have a baby under 1 year old, isn’t very reliable.  I have nappy brain to the extreme and thus the recap might be a bit… short.

In no particular order (because I get dates and months muddled to)

  • Sewed my first nappy (with a little help from Lou)
  • Got my sewing machine, overlocker and snap press and started learning to sew
  • Sewed more nappies
  • Sewed pants for Zamara
  • Meep (the unborn Katerina) was hanging out upside down (or more accurately right side up) so I was sent to hospital to turn her – Meep grew a sense of direction and turned on her own but idiots at hospital wanted to keep me overnight due to slightly elevated blood pressure
  • Katerina was born, exactly 41 weeks gestation, 31st March.
  • Had massive issues breastfeeding Katerina
  • Shaved my head
  • Old laptop started dying and was sold
  • Katerina successfully latched on at 10 weeks old and has been breastfeeding like a pro since.
  • Got flash new laptop
  • Went back to full-time study in the hopes of completely my B.A.
  • Started trying to lose weight
  • Started putting effort into toilet training Zamara
  • Zamara turned 2.
  • Finished knitting my first lace shawl
  • Grandfather #1 died
  • Grandfather #2 died
  • Weaned Zamara from her pacifiers (bibi’s)
  • Hosted a successful D.Vice party
  • Participated in two different yarn swaps through TNN, and signed up for a third
  • Didn’t pass all my classes, so enrolled in full time study (but one less class) next semester

My main resolutions for the coming year are all part of my 101 in 1001 so not a lot extra to comment on there.  However I am currently having my first go at a year of no soda…. haven’t given in yet, but HAVE been sorely tempted!

Photo highlights:
100_0312.JPG 100_0420
Crap 100_0508
At Least Someone's Sleeping... PJ model
100_0327.JPG MargoP1015723-03
tummyP1015744-01 BabyP1016188-01
BabyP1016192-01 100_0717.JPG
100_0708.JPG 100_0746
BoP02 No.3
100_0830.JPG 100_0840
Me and girls Blowing out the candles
Feeding Kate Mischevious Gnome Messenger Bag
Baby Leaf Hat 100_1074
I a Pincess Binkie Fairy
100_1554 Christmas pajamas


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