Little things I’m learning… me and soft drink.

46. Drink no soda for a year.

I knew when I set out, that this would be a particularly hard challenge for me.  I have been addicted (yes, addicted) to soda for years now.  Through every diet program I’ve tried, although I almost always increase my water intake, I still have diet – and sometimes reglar – soda with me.  Diet coke, Coke Zero (aka “skinny coke”), Fanta, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer…. it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me.  My favorite is ice cold, sugared, and caffinated, but I’ve been plenty happy to make do with non-caffinated or sugar free as the situation requires.

As of today I’m finishing my fifth day straight without any soda.

Day one wasn’t as hard as I thought…. my gut instinct was still to reach for a can first thing in the morning, but I was still cruising on the novelty of it all.  Day two was harder…. Day three was hardest yet – but I didn’t give in!  Day four was cruisy and I didn’t really pine for any at all.  There were a couple times where I thought, gee, a can of coke would be nice about now… but that’s all it ever was.  A passing thought, not a huge regret, not an act of willpower.

Day Five has been hard.

Funnily enough I started the day with a very realistic dream that I’d drank some Mt. Dew.  It was clearly a dream – it wasn’t placed in my current residence, we don’t currently have any Mt. Dew in the house, and I was a blonde (go figure! 😉 ) but my goal of no soft drink was still present in the dream, and as soon as I succumed (in dream form) to the drink I felt guilty, and then pissed off at myself because this meant I’d have to start the count all over.

The dream, like they usually are, was revealing though.  I have a whole long list of reasons why I want to quit the habit – hopefully for good, but definitely for long enough that it’s well and truly out of my system – but that’s another post for another day.  But when I have been really struggling with the cravings – like I did today, and like I did on Day three – the things that come to mind that help me hold off are not the reasons why I want to quit, overall.  I think those reasons all seem too lofty and unconnected to me, albeit very valid regardless.  But the main reasons have to do with myself.  I don’t want to let myself down.  I don’t want to let those monitoring my progess down.  (Accountability is a good thing!) And most imporantly, I don’t want to have to do these five days again.  My 101 challenge does allow for failure and restarts – it’s not no soft drink ever again, or even in the time period… it’s no soda, for 365 days.  Any 365 days.  I just happened to choose the first lot of them.  Largely because I anticipated having to really work at this… and largely because I have something to prove.  To myself. I can do this, and I am better than the drink 😉


3 thoughts on “Little things I’m learning… me and soft drink.

  1. I think this is the same as any addiction. Not only are you habituated to guzzling sodas, but your body has come to expect the fizz and the sugar high. Giving it up is NOT easy. I’m proud that you are setting such good goals, and sticking to them even though it is difficult.

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