Progress report

So obviously I’m not doing the blogging challenge yet, as I’ve been completely slack with my blogging!

Which is not to say that nothing’s happening – because it is.

Firstly, I am still soda-free.  I’ve gotten to the ‘comfortable’ point with it.  I no longer crave a soft drink during my daily routine, but when I’m having a rough time emotionally, or when I’m out and about, I still want one.  I’m hoping that the challenge is set for a long enough time (365 days for this particular one) that those last cravings / associations will disappear completely.  I do figure I’ll add soft drink back into my life, eventually – but wanted to kill the reliance on it, well and truly, first.

My main focus of the last week or so has been on my weight.  I put the weight loss ticker (on other page) up on the day of starting, then prompty gained weight.  Which was SO not-cool with me.  So reality was faced, numbers crunched, and plans made.  For now, I’ve gone back on Jenny Craig.  Yes, the food is expensive. But I’ve previously been on the program (way back before I got pregnant with #1) and when I signed up then, I bought the Lifetime Membership.  Which must have been a good deal, because it’s no longer offered. 😉  But it means, that now, over 3 years later, I’m not paying any ‘program fees’ for Jenny Craig, just paying for the food. I’m also finding that I’m eating MUCH more than I was before…. healthy food of course, but I’m eating bigger quantities, and more frequently – to the point I think my recent weight gains probably had to do with too little food rather than too much. I’m loving having pre-planned menus (that’s the part I truly suck at with Weight Watchers) and I’m loving the ease of everything.  It’s around the same cost as daily take-aways…. but it’s healthier for me, saves me the petrol / delivery, and it actually tastes better too.   I don’t know if I’ll continue the program through completion…. we’ll see how that goes closer to the time.  Regardless, week 1 and I’ve lost 1.4 kgs (3 lbs) and while I don’t ‘feel’ it yet, I’m stoked with it.

There’s more to report on later, but it’s bedtime for now.


3 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. wahoo, good on you for going back to JC. You have done a fantastic job so far losing 1.4kgs. Also what an achievement staying off fizzy drinks for as long as you have, that will certainly help with the weight loss.

  2. I am so proud of you!

    My weight loss has all but stopped and for the same reason, I’ve gone back to eating less than I should. When I eat 5 to 6 times a day, I feel better and the weight comes off. I’ve got to get back to that myself. 🙂

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