If only it was storming

I’m in the mood for a really impressive thunderstorm.  But I’m not sure why.

I think there’s a part of me that wants to crash about and really have a blow-out – not “at” anyone, not because of anything / anyone – maybe just something to break the monotony.

A thunderstorm would be a really great way to live vicariously.

It’s been dreary here the past couple days.  Not glorious and sunny, not rainy, not windy.  Just overcast, vaguely threatening, and dreary.  Monotonous.  Mundane.

A thunderstorm would be a nice change.

It’s coming into winter here.  New Zealanders – or Aucklanders at least – rarely say it’s autumn.  There’s a spring, but not a fall – it’s just “coming into winter”.  Or “winter is really here now”.  Technically it’s autumn, but that seems to be a no-man’s land.  So instead we protest that it’s winter, it’s far too cold.  Really it’s not, winter is much colder than this.  Winter is far less predictable, and can issue some spectacular storms.  Maybe Aucklanders object to monotony as well.

I like curling up next to a window with an engrossing book and listening to the rain outside.  It’s soothing to hear the storm but be warm and secure at the same time.  Kind of like the cathartic feeling after a huge cry.


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