A life for sale

This is a theme that seems to be recurring lately.

First there was this guy who sold his entire life on eBay as one giant parcel.

Then there is the plumber that’s selling ‘everything’ to save his business in the recession.

We’ll be next I think, to sell off what might seem like a whole life.

Yes, we really need the money. However, that’s only part of what our circumstances will be about.

We are two adults and two small children living in a two bedroom house.

Yes, we are mildly cramped – but I’m actually surprised at the amount of people who ‘cant’ believe’ that we manage in this house – who think that we need at least one extra bedroom. Sure, one would be nice. But there are many families worldwide who survive with much less room, many less things. Why can’t we?

Neither am I saying that all ‘stuff’ is bad – not at all. I like my things – I bought the consumeristic cutlture hook, line, and sinker. I’m merely trying to change away from that brainwashing, free up space, free up time, free up mental hassles – free up life.

I’m not going to be ridiculous and sell things that we clearly use or need on a daily basis. Though in some cases, I may end up redefining ‘need’. But what’s the harm in that? How much stuff, after all, do we really need to live happy and productive lives?


One thought on “A life for sale

  1. I bet that is really hard. Times seem to be hard for everyone right now, but I think you are smart to keep the things you need. Redefining need is a very wise thing to say. Good luck to you guys.

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