This is what I don’t understand

While Z2 was a baby, I couldn’t wait for her to grow the heck up already. As she hit each phase I found myself anticipating the next, then worrying over the next, then wishing she’d just hurry up and get older.

With K1 I consciously wanted to enjoy the baby stage, because I love it and realise now just how darn quickly it flashes by. I found myself loving where she currently was developmentally, whilst still mourning the stages she’s already left behind.

Even today, there is a part of me that really misses the little baby K1 was, even while I revel in the delightful one year old she is, especially as she’s at the perfect age where she’s developing independence and yet hasn’t discovered willful defiance yet.

And yet, all it takes is one comment by a mum with a younger child – not a particular mum, just any mum – about all the words their child is saying, or the fact that their son/daughter has been walking since 9 months, or whatever… and I find myself looking at my completely adorable, developmentally normal one-year-old and thinking “why doesn’t she do that yet?”

It is the paradox of motherhood.


One thought on “This is what I don’t understand

  1. Aww, I can understand that. Just remember every kid develops at their own rate. There is nothing wrong with them if they walk months after another kid or say something months later. I’m sure your girls will grow up to be amazing. For the time being, just enjoy their childhood. ❤

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