Star Spangled Mitts

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is being hosted in New Zealand.  Most of us here in New Zealand are already sick of hearing about it, however the rest of the world is only just starting to take notice, now that it’s officially started.

On Friday, Z5’s school had a “dress in your favorite team’s colours” day, instead of wearing their usual uniform.  After we talked – and cajoled – and insisted – that Zamara couldn’t wear her yellow fairy dress for the “dress up day” (colour notwithstanding, it’s not that kind of dress up day), despite her demanding that she could be the Rugby Fairy, we grudgingly agreed that she would wear red, white, and blue.  Technically it’s the colours of BOTH the USA and the NZ flag, but over here the NZ team is known by their team name the “All Blacks” and therefore wear, well, all black.  So she was going in support of the USA team.  She IS half-American after all… and it was only fair that the Eagles have at least ONE supporter!

All the hullaballoo over her dressing up, however, illustrated the fact that I, the American, don’t really have much patriotic clothes at all.  I do have a USA flag – which the husband promptly borrowed to take to work for their support ‘team’ there – but no clothes that say from the USA, or have a flag or obviously red, white, or blue colours.  So, I needed to remedy this situation.

Thus, the Star-Spangled Mitts were born.

Stars and Stripes Mitts

These are a quick and easy knit, great for colourwork experts and beginners alike.  No fancy stitch patterns, no increasing or decreasing needed, and they’re knit exclusively in the round.   They’re fabulous for any patriotic event – small and light enough that they can still be worn in warmer weather, but double as hand / wrist warmers when it is cold, as well.   Fantastic for everything from early morning starts on September 11th through to protecting hands from the chill of ice cream eaten on July 4th – and great for school dress up days, too!

The pattern is license-free (meaning the finished item can be sold without needing to purchase a separate cottage license) and is available for purchase and download at Ravelry.

Alternatively, they can be bought here, just by using the handy-dandy link below 🙂

Happy Knitting!

Star Spangled Mitts Pattern.  $2.00 USD, via PayPal.


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