Hair Raising Organisation

I have three girls, and all of the girls have so far expressed a preference for medium length or longer hair.

We have a lot of hair ties.

We also have a lot of issues with hair ties. They go missing on a daily basis. They come out, seemingly, of their own volition, and just fall wherever they land on the floor. They then hide in corners, making friends with the dustbunnies that may also lurk there.

It’s made worse that I had no real system to control the hair ties. So far, they’ve been just dumped in a “hair tie box”, an open plastic small box that was overflowing, had everything from headbands to bobbypins to stretched-beyond-their-life elastics. The upside of this, was there was at least a general area for the kids to throw the elastics at if asked to pick them up / put them away. The downside of this, was that getting a hair tie in the morning was much the reverse – just dump the whole thing out, find the one we want, and deal with it later.

So I’ve sorted it.


This was drawer style cubby hole organiser I found at the hardware store, marketed for small parts like screws and nuts and bolts. It’s sturdy, and whilst the individual drawers CAN come out, it’s not super easy, and worst case, only that small selection has been dumped out. I now have sorted small ties from big ties, flat from round, metal from non-metal, and even clippies with decorations on them vs clippies that are plain.

In addition, headbands, scrunchies, bun-makers, hairnets, are all stored (loosely) in the pink bucket on top. It’s easier to rummage through without dumping, but the girls also don’t need to go in there in the first place for the initial hair tie – it’s almost all the hair ‘accessories’ part. Similarly, brushes are stored in the green bucket – easy enough for the girls to put away themselves, organised enough that parents are happy.

Hair ties. Sorted.


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