Learning Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things you learn – and perhaps, the most obvious – that make the biggest difference.

For the past week or so, I’ve been going to the library to ‘work’.  Largely I’m working on writing, and reading (aka research) for the writing I’m doing, but I’m also using it for my space from which I blog, a lot of the time.  Although there are times when I think the problem with the public library is the public, it still tends to be quieter and more peaceful than my house in the midst of the school holidays.  Not to mention I’m surrounded by BOOKS!

There has been learning involved, too.

I’ve learned to look at maps carefully.

The particular library I hang out at, chosen not because it’s nearest to me, but because of a combination of factors including location, selection, nice study spaces, and parking, is the Waitakere Central library in Auckland.  My main kvetch with this set up has been the parking, as there’s bugger all parking immediately by it.  On the other hand, for the past week it’s been glorious and sunny, and I haven’t minded a wee stroll from the readily available, but slightly further away, parking lot to the library.

Today it’s rainy, and as I hoof it in with a laptop and usually no less than three books on my back in a backpack, I wasn’t interested in a peaceful but damp stroll through the rain.

I was looking at the map on Google Maps and complaining to hubby about my plight, and reluctance to walk a block in the rain.



The red line denotes the path I’ve been walking, from my parking spot, around the park, and courthouse, and Unitec building, to the library.

It wasn’t until looking at the map, that I saw the footbridge leading from the parking lot I use (admittedly the other end than I’ve been parking at) across the stream, leading direct to a path through the buildings and a side street, somewhat direct to the library.



Apparently it’s not that hard to park by the library, after all.   And now I have far less excuse not to ‘work’ when it’s raining.  Which is likely a good thing, as this is Auckland and we get a fair bit of rain… even when it’s forecasted to be sunny.

Another thing I learned stems from earlier in the week, but also due to my hiding out in the library.  The table (or, sequence of tables) I like to set up on is facing a window.  Which is lovely and serene.  I like windows, in general.  Windows are rubbish for laptops though.  (Pun not intended… but left deliberately!)

I was finding it seriously hard to actually do anything on the laptop, as I was finding it seriously hard to see anything on the laptop, in such a bright area.



I complained to the hubby (yes, I’m sensing a theme) that I needed a glare guard.  Something just to provide a little bit of shade / darkness around the edges of my laptop screen, and let me see what it is that I’m trying to work on.

It wasn’t until I was at home, on the weekend, working outside on the deck (oh, how I love laptops) that I realised it needn’t be that complicated.  I adjusted the brightness levels on my screen.  Y’know, using the little button on the keyboard put there for specifically that purpose.

And I could see again!



My final thing I’ve learned in the last few days also stems from the library.  It seems that being surrounded by books is not necessarily any less distracting… specifically for a bibliophile.



It looks good… anyone read this author before?  😉