Super Better

Depression sucks.  I have it (I know, big surprise ay).  I am officially a loon, but doing my best to embrace my inner-crazy.

I’ve also been fighting anxiety something terrible, which is a whole new experience for me – usually I’m just a melancholy sad sack.  Now, I’m a hyperventilating melancholy sad sack.

Awhile ago (1 – 2 years?) I read Reality is Broken.  It’s a very good read, particularly if you have any interest in video games (everything from facebook / iphone games through to epic things like WoW) but good, I reckon, even if you don’t – just possibly slightly less relatable.

Fast forward to today.

Out of the blue, my bestie from highschool forwarded me this link to a TED talk by Jane McGonigal.  Took me til about 5 minutes into the talk, thinking “gee this sounds familiar” until I realised it was covered in her book, see above.  Like all TED talks, it’s worth a watch.  Like her book, it’s even more relevant if you happen to enjoy gaming.

In both the book and her talk, she mentions SuperBetter. Clearly, I took in something when I read the book originally, because as soon as I realised she was the author (i.e., above while watching the talk) I thought – “super better!”

And after the video finished – SuperBetter.  There’s a thought.  Wonder if there’s an app for that yet?

Of course there is.  I’m officially signed up now.

The app doesn’t feature anything unheard of or particularly ground-breaking – but it just puts a different spin on it.  And honestly, this is the most positive i’ve felt about my chances of slaying the PND monster (other than merely popping pills and waiting for said monster to grow bored and find someone else to pick on).

Which is not to say that I’m not still a loon.  Just that now I’m a loon with hope.