Rehashing revisited

In the past wee while I haven’t blogged.

As you can see.

It’s not for lack of interest. Lack of time could be blamed, but when can it not? Largely I got out of the rhythm and lost my motivation around the time I lost my baby. Partially I started to feel obligated to post only deep meaningful stuff as it applied to me, but wasn’t overly about losing weight, or my children, or knitting, as all of those are covered by other blogs of mine.

Therein lies part of the problem I believe. I have so compartamentalised my blog – whilst not compartamentalising my life, as life resists compartments – that I’ve left myself with nothing much to talk / write about. Which makes the imagined brief of having to be earth shatteringly significant or scintillating feel ever so much heavier and harder to do.

So, I’m changing all that, as well as the title. The other blogs… aren’t going as such, although I haven’t posted in any of them in long enough that they’ve become rather irrelevant anyway. But THIS blog will now be inclusive of the topics the others cover – losing weight, or my children, or knitting and other crafty bits, as necessary. Quite possibly this will make the others redundant, but again, not much difference there from now.

So, to the name change. Wonder is me. And this is me, again. Me, still. Me, as a mother, as a perpetual student of the world, as a writer, as a knitter, as a cottage business, as a wife, and as a woman. Just me. Again.